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Tight Budget This Week, and Other Ramblings...

Since my first paycheck at Wal-Mart wasn't for a FULL two weeks (only 66 hours), after paying a few bills, buying a few groceries, and putting nearly $30 worth of gas in the truck, I now have exactly $67 to do me until next Thursday(the 4th). As the slogan goes... "Eatin' Cheap In The Neighborhood"...

In other news, the freggin' thunderstorm woke me up last night, and as a result, I'll be going to work this morning on less than 5 hours sleep... gah! Trying to finish this pot of coffee before I leave...

Also, I keep getting cramps in my hands, I'm sure as the result of trying to scrape the glue off those shelves at work before cleaning and repainting them. Some shelves have about three layers of glue on the front of them from the "fast track"(the plastic strip Wal-Mart attaches to the front of shelves to put the price tag in) adhesive. I can just grip something, and a major pain goes through the middle back of my left hand.

My co-workers find me odd because I say that I'd rather my days off be during the week, instead of the weekends. I do nothing on weekends, but during the week, I could get stuff accomplished, like pay bills, etc... Maybe if they keep me on regular after the remodel, I'll get days off during the week. No say in the matter currently, all the remodelers are off weekends...
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