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Two Days Rest!

Made it through another week at Wal-Mart. Got my discount card today, which is good for everything in the store, except for sale or clearance items, or food. Gonna make the most of having tomorrow off, as usual, with several refills of my regular strong drink concoction, and watching DVD's while reclining in my comfy chair in the living room this evening. Bought two DVD's at Fred's earlier in the week for 50¢ apiece and the first season of "Leave It To Beaver" today at Wal-Mart for $39.86. The two cheap DVD's aren't packaged "fancy", just in a cardboard sleeve, but I checked out the picture quality the day I got them (was too tired from work to watch them in their entirety, and I must admit, for 50¢ each, the quality looks surprisingly clear!

Does anyone STILL find it odd, that although I have a color 27" Sony Trinitron and a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround system, that most of the DVD's I buy are black & white and monophonic?

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