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Today I'll be getting my first actual paycheck in quite some time. Unfortunately, most of it will be going on bills, food, and a tank of this freggin' expensive gas for my truck. Plan on keeping some, at least, for "fun money", if at all possible. Need to send some extra money to my credit card, so I can order "Best of Not the 9 0'Clock News" which came out recently, and "Red Dwarf VIII" when it is released early next month from Amazon, since the place in town I usually bought the new seasons, Suncoast, is in the middle of a store-closing sale, and isn't getting any more new stock. No one else in town carries British television series on DVD.

Expecting another exhausting day at work. For the past week, they've had me and 4 other guys going from the store to the "warehouse"(the old KMart building), to load and unload shelves and counters onto a truck to deliver to the store for the remodel, and painting/referbishing shelves for re-use. By the time I get home, I'm usually unable to move very fast, and smell like aerosol enamel paint...

Be leaving for work in about 25 minutes...don't live too far from the store.

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