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Before Work Updates...

My mom made it to and from her eye exam yesterday morning by herself. She took the dark shades Dr. Humble gave her after her cataract surgery, and drove herself home, since my aunt was already committed to having her brother at the VA Hospital in Shreveport by 8am that morning.

Wal-Mart has had me at the "warehouse" the past two days I've worked, cleaning and repainting old metal shelves. I'm STILL smelling that aeresol enamel paint! Also, I think in the last three weeks, I've lost some weight, not sure how much (no scales in the house), but my belt is now loose when on the last notch, and I keep having to adjust my pants to keep them from going south...

Since working, I've gotten in the habit of putting the garbage can out by the road on Tuesday mornings instead of afternoons. Garbage pickup isn't until Wednesday morning, but I know by the time I get home today, I'd be too tired to mess with it!

Well, now to eat a bite before I have to leave in about 20 minutes....

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