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Hopefully my mom got in touch with my Aunt Mary to drive her to her eye doctors appointment this morning. My mom wouldn't have any problem driving there herself, but the driving home would be the tough part, since they always dilate her eyes. She didn't want me to try to take the day off to drive her, since I practically just started my job, and the appointment is just a follow-up exam she gets every 6 months after her cataract surgery last year, so, she said if she couldn't get my aunt, she would call a taxi.

I have a feeling today is going to be another rough day at work, especially if they have me back moving things in the garden center, or over at the "warehouse" (the old KMart building) painting and referbishing shelves. No practical air conditioning in either place, and we are due for "record-setting" highs today... maybe even up to the mid-90's...

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