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Well, I work today, then have the weekend off, then go back to work Monday morning at 7am. I'll probably spend tomorrow resting all day like I did last Saturday. Have a feeling I'll have to clock in as soon as I get there today, as I did yesterday, because we'll have a lot of moving to do out on the main floor again. Wednesday night a crew came in, ripped up the flooring in the produce section and put down new tile. All the racks of produce were sitting in front of the first few cash registers, so we had to put them back in place quickly. More flooring will have been done when I get there this morning around 7.

Been seeing people I haven't seen in quite some time while working at Wal-Mart. In the past two weeks, I've run across my cousin Blake, old friend Randy Haney, Mr. & Mrs. Dunn(friends of my mom), old girlfriend Sandra Jones, and MySpace friend Krista.

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