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Was Just Reading In The New Issue...

...of "Sound & Vision" magazine about all this "copy protection" the record labels are going to start using(sometimes already using) on compact discs. Makes me glad I'm not as big of a music buyer as I used to be. I don't even recall buying a compact disc this year so far. Years ago, I would buy numerous in a year, but I've steadily been dropping off in my music buying since the early 1990's. I think the main reason I haven't been buying, is, when I look in a store or in a catalogue, I see nothing I want. And the few releases out there that I see that I like, I have already purchased years ago! In my opinion, all of the music worth buying has already been purchased. I don't like any new groups to speak of, most of the new groups all sound exactly the same! Music and talent in the industry has been getting lower and lower in quality since the early 1990's!

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