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First Day of Orientation

Well, the first day of orientation was a bit longer than I had predicted. Went in at 10am, left at 4:40pm. All of us in the room filled out our various paperworks, like contacts in case of emergency, tax and insurance info, watched three videos about the company, and took one of several tests (called "CBL's") on the computers. Since they only have four computers, the personnel lady scheduled us for different times to come back and try to complete the rest of those tests on the computers, which have to do with various aspects of the job. She asked if I could come back at 7:00am this morning to work on mine, and I said "Sure!". So, in a little over an hour, I'll be there working on my remaining tests.
We also got a big "Orientation Pack" that had stuff about the company and the benefits offered to the employees. Also got our name-badges, a box cutter, and our smocks (guess you could say that I'll now be a "shmuck in a smock" :-P ).

I was going to do my weekly shopping after yesterdays orientation, but I finished so late, and had to be back this morning so early, I said "Screw the shopping!", and since I was practically out of food here at the house, just stopped by "Raising Cane's" for a big chicken strip meal. Should be out of there by around 2 this afternoon today though, another group will be coming in at that time to use the 'puters.

Didn't sleep well last night either... went to bed around 9pm, woke up a little after 3am, couldn't get back to sleep...

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