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The Wedding

The wedding of James' oldest daughter Janice went well, but I can't say the same about the results of my videotaping. I got the hang of James' camcorder in no time, but the positioning of it on the tripod was a different story entirely. First, I thought it would take place inside the lodge, but it was outside. Then, I picked a place to set up the camcorder to where I thought I'd be able to get the bride and groom walking up the "aisle", which I assumed they would both enter from the same location to walk up to the preacher. WRONG... Gene walked up from a location behind the preacher, and James walked his daughter down the aisle. Completely screwed up the shots I was going for!

Later, Eddice (James' current wife), said there had been no rehearsals. James said at the end of the evening that even HE had no idea where he was supposed to be at until the "last minute". Made me not feel quite so bad as a videographer.

Anywho... enough of my horror story of the taping of the wedding... here are a few still peektures from the evening, mostly at the reception afterwards...

James Stricklin (Left), his wife Eddice (back turned), her daughter (name escapes me) holding Eddice's grandaughter.

The groom, Walter Eugene("Gene") Seneff.

Starting third from left: Gene, Janice, her mother Michelle(James' ex-wife), the preacher.

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Seneff.

The cake, Part One

The cake, Part Deux

Eddice Stricklin (holding her grandaughter) standing next to Michelle's mother. Not sure who the kid with the "attitude" is standing to the left.

The bouquet throw.

Yes, I know those photos are as terrible as my videography, but I was using my 5 year old Kodak 2.2 Megapixel camera....

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