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More Old "Obscure" Family Photos

From a recently discovered cigar box full of old photos that used to belong to my grandmother Martha Sims (my dad's mother), here are a few "random scans", all but one from back before my dad met my mother...

My grandmother Martha Sims standing in the kitchen of my grandparents house in a rare color photo in December 1958.

Martha Sims talking on the telephone in December 1959. No idea who the other lady is.

A family cookout outside grandparents house in July 1961.

Martha Sims(left), my aunt Catherine Jowers(center), her husband Cleve Jowers(foreground).

My dad Albert Sims Sr. in an unknown place with an unknown lady in 1961.

Rather hideous professional portrait of "yours truly" at age 19 months in February 1967.

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