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Good News...Bad News

Just returned from the Monroe Wal-Mart job interview. The position would be "overnight stocker". Unfortunately, I'm now stuck with the West Monroe store, which "may" or "may not" lead to a permanent position after their remodel is complete. According to the interviewer this morning, after she contacted the West Monroe store, since I've already been hired there, they can't "steal me" from them. So, apparently, I have definitely been hired by the West Monroe store, but the job and orientation won't start until around the first of next month. I just hope the West Monroe job leads to permanent employment. Wish I'd heard from Monroe FIRST though!

Luckily I didn't feel TOO embarrassed though, since the interviewer, Terra (who was rather "hot"), said I was the fourth person this morning who had already been hired by West Monroe, and had come to Monroe for another interview. She said she was going to start asking EVERYONE from now on up front if they had interviewed at West Monroe.

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