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My "Who can I offend?" post for this evening...

If it weren't for the "religious establishment" hundreds of years ago putting the kebash on the legitimate scientists back then, this planet might have been a LOT further advanced than it is now! ANY person that believes in an "invisible man in the sky" is deranged! Sorry, that's my opinion, I'm sticking with it.

/knows some friends might jump ship
//sticks with his judgement, scientifically proven, no proof of "invisible men"
///"Jesus" might have historically lived, but was a cult leader like Jim Jones, David Koresh, and that Applewhite guy
////"virgin birth" my aunt Fannie... if she didn't sleep with her husband, she slept on the side, like my ex-wife later on...
/////life on this planet is here via a big cosmic accident, probably several other planets beyond our reach in the universe with life
/////one more "slash" for the heck of it....

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