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Looking promising this time...

Got a call from my most recent Wal-Mart application today. Went in, had a three stage interview with three different people, including a guy who had "Co-Manager" on his name tag. Seems they are getting ready for a major remodel, and need people to help with moving stuff around, disassembling and assembling shelves, stocking, etc., and if you do good during that time, they will try to get you a permenant position with the store. Feeling more confident this time, because all they said they'd be waiting on would be the background check and drug test results. They sent me for the drug test to a local lab on Regency Drive. Had no problem "filling the cup", because I had downed an entire pot of "Maxwell House Bold 100% Columbian Coffee" earlier this morning. The lab gave me a "receipt" before I left. Wanna see it? Here it is:

P.S. The job doesn't start till around the beginning of next month, and starts at $6.20/hr.

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