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Official change I'm making in the online world today:

Most of my new major postings will be on the blog on my website instead of this journal. I'll still be reading and commenting on posts on my LiveJournal "Friends" page though, so I won't be "disappearing" completely from here. If you'd like to get my new blog entries on your LJ friends page still, you can add the syndicated feed located here: Feedsalbertsplace (kudos to squishybear for the idea).

No major reason for this change, just wanting to do something new for a change.

  • Random Question

    Is it wrong for me to eat these if I've never attended a Danish wedding?

  • Random Review

    The Fisher brand "Smoked Bacon Almonds" taste like any REGULAR "smoked" almond. Can't detect any significant "bacon" flavor.

  • Snacks!

    Sweet mid-afternoon snacks...

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