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I'm probably making a HUGE mistake, but effective today, I quit my longtime job at Burger King. Ever since a company called "Sydran" bought all the restaurants from Burger King Corporation in 1996, the place has been going to hell in a handbasket. Most of the people I worked with for years have ALREADY left for other jobs.
Going to put in applications starting tomorrow at all the other food places in town (all I really seem to be experienced at). They have been bringing in these big wigs from south Louisiana to suppossedly "straighten out" the store, but all they are really doing is making things worse. They're coming up with so called new rules and regulations we are supposed to follow, which go against everything I've been doing a certain way the past 16 years. Finally got fed up yesterday when one of those high-ups told me I was making a croissant wrong, and I knew damn well I wasn't. Oh, well, enough of my ranting for now. I'll keep everyone posted on the job search.

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