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Yep, It's Confirmed...

...that I'm apparently the only person on the planet that bought this album:

Worst Records Cover

Just got this email:
I've been searching for about 3 hours now trying to track down a song I heard on a tiny college radio station down in the SF bay area a few weeks ago. With nothing more to go on than remembering that one of the lyrics was "...and I like you too" I've figured out that it was the song "I Like" by Heathen Dan. Then the hard part started...trying to find out where to get a copy of the song. It looks like it was on a Rhino comp. released back in the early 80's but there's no mention on Rhino's website or anything like that. As a last resort, I turned to technorati to see if anybody had mentioned it on their blogs. About 10 items down on the search page, I found this post on your site:

Eureka! So now, all I can say is that I'd be forever in your debt if you could mail me a copy of that song.

So... I just "shipped out" another copy.

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