Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Crush Aspirin???

I was watching the episode of "Gunsmoke" titled "Sins of the Father" just now, with the DVD commentary by Angie Dickinson turned on (she was in the episode), and a part in the episode came up where she asked her husband to go to Doc Adam's office to get her some "powders" because she was feeling dizzy. In the commentary, commenting about the line she said in the show, Angie said something along the lines, "Powders, in those days, I guess it was crushed up aspirins or something."

Uh, Angie... you are several years older than I am currently... you should know aspirin wasn't even invented until around 30 years after the storylines of "Gunsmoke" was supposed to have taken place, and even then, it wasn't a tablet originally, it was in powdered form!


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