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In Honor to What Would Have Been Elvis Presley's 71st Birthday

Top Ten Things Elvis Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10. "Turn on Regis -- I feel like some target practice"

9. "Wow, Canada really does offer great savings on prescription drugs!"

8. "Why do I have to pay $35 to get into my own house?"

7. "From now on I want to be known as E. Diddy"

6. "Tell Cybill Shepherd to get her ass over here. King wants some lovin"

5. "Big Mac, 9-piece McNugget and do you have Whoppers or is that the other guys?"

4. "Doctors don't know anything -- all cholesterol is "good" cholesterol"

3. "John Wayne never would have made a gay cowboy movie"

2. "My daughter married who?"

1. "Sonny! Red! Get me out of this coffin!"

From "The Late Show with David Letterman"

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