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301 DVD's, and Another Rant

Just noticed, after adding the most recent DVD's I purchased to my DVD Profiler, that I now have 301 DVD's in my collection! No wonder my shelf space is getting low!

In other news, to all the religious "busy bodies with nothing better to do than nose themselves into other peoples business"... if you don't want to watch a particular television show, CHANGE THE FARKIN' CHANNEL!!!! Don't start ranting and raving before the first episode airs! Reminds me of 1977, when the local ABC affiliate didn't air one of my favorite all-time series, "Soap", for the entire first season, because all the brainwashed bible-thumping morons complained to the TV station before the first episode aired! Also, for similar reasons, I had to wait three years after "Monty Python's Life of Brian" was first released to see it (had to wait for the VHS), because local theaters refused to show it.

If my rant "offends" anyone, all I can say is, "Tough titties!"

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