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Heard From Another Old Chum

Got an email this morning from another old school friend I haven't heard from in years, Leo Balsamo. He sent it on the 16th, but just discovered it today. He sent it to my Hotmail account, which I mainly only use as a "spam dump", but still check a couple times a month just in case something important might be there. As with the other old friend James Elee earlier, he found me via my website, on the class photos pages. Guess that lame website is actually good for something! I alerted him to reply at either my Yahoo address or the links on my site next time, so I'll see the email a lot faster.

That said... the temperature is really "mild" here today. I have the heat off, and the windows open. Currently 75°F outside... mighty unusual for late December. Kinda windy also. I went out to put my garbage can out by the road for tomorrow mornings early pick-up, and nearly got blown over! Checked my "weather thingy" in my task bar, and it read: Wind: SW 24 mph gusting to 33 mph. Not complaining though.

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