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I Found This Hilarious For Some Reason...

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) - Bob Dylan wanted tighter security for his current tour, but he didn't expect to be held up at the door before his own show because he didn't have a backstage pass.

Dylan, traveling in support of his new album ``Love and Theft,'' was set to play the last Oregon stop on his tour Tuesday night when he had trouble getting through a checkpoint at the Jackson County Exposition Center.

It wasn't clear whether the three security guards, all in their 30s, recognized Dylan. ``If it was George Strait, they probably would have recognized him,'' said venue manager Chris Borovansky.

But even if they knew who Dylan was, the guards had strict orders from Dylan's security director that no one - no one - was to get backstage without an official credential.

``He said no exceptions,'' Borovansky said. ``Absolutely none.''

So when a slight, wild-haired man tried to walk through the checkpoint, the guards stopped him. Dylan was surprised, and a brief scene ensued. One of the guards put her hands up and gently stopped Dylan. After his security director came over, incensed, both he and Dylan demanded that the guards be thrown out.

Borovansky complied, although he said, ``We prefer the term 'relocated.''' But he said he later told the guards they did ``a great job.''

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