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The Day So Far...

I've managed to make Eastwood mad at me again. Took him to the vet's today for his annual checkup and immunizations. Almost didn't get him into the cat carrier to take him there... he put up quite a fight. He meowed loudly all the way there, and all the way back. He checked out well at the vet's, and weighs 12.5 pounds. Dr. Cooper himself was the only vet there, one of the others was out sick, and another was on vacation. Gave Eastwood some treats after I got him home, in an attempt to calm him down a bit.

Later, I went to "Wally World" and fought the crowds for a few grocery items... and a DVD set. Bought volume three of "The Looney Tunes Golden Collection", to go with the first two volumes. Took forever at the check-out, because the disc wouldn't scan... register kept saying "Item Not Found"... the girl had to call "Electronics" and get a different number to put into the register before it would "take". I'll probably be parked in front of the television watching it tonight, starting with the bonus features, which I always watch first on any new DVD I get for some reason.

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