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Ready... Set...COFFEE!!!!

As stated here yesterday, I think my main problem on the postal exam will be the "memory section", since I've let my memory lapse the last few years. Not sure currently how well I'll do on the rest today however. I tossed and turned most of the night, maybe slept 4 hours at most. I won't be at my most alert that's for sure. Trying to drink as much Community Dark Roast coffee as possible before leaving the house around 11:45. Already gathered the three things they said to bring with me to get admitted to the test:

1. Front page torn from the booklet they sent, with my name, etc, on it.
2. Picture ID (my drivers license)
3. Two sharpened No.2 pencils. (also bringing along a little sharpener... just in case...)

Won't know the results for at least three weeks however, since they are all sent to a centralized place for computer scoring...
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