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I love having fun with these idiots!

Got another one of those "email scams" a while ago...

"Dear Trusting Friend,

How are you today,coupled with your health?
hope all is well with you. I pray that this email reaches you in the
best of health, I present my best wishes to you and your family with
blessings, goodness and mercies.

In a brief introduction, I am Mark
Sossou, the Director of Operation with Progressive Bank Plc Cotonou-
Benin Republic. I have a very interesting deal to discuss with you, the
deal under discussion has to do with George Sims a national of your
country, who was employed as a Consultant/contractor with Societe
Nationale Des Products D' Agricole (SONAPRA) a cotton manufacturing
company in Cotonou-Benin. On 25th December 2003, Mr George Sims with
his wife and their only daughter was involved in a plane crash victims
with Boe 727-type air plane belonging to African Transport Union (UTA).
In this fatal tragidy with Beirut-bound flight, 110 persons died and
Over 40 others still reported missing, while 22 passengers survived,
you may confirm the event of the air crash throug,
uk/2/hi/africa/3350455.stm or (

Consequently, George Sims made a
numbered time (fixed) deposited for twelve calendar and his account
with our Bank accrues to about (Three Million, Four hundred and Fifty-
Two Thousand US Dollars) $USD3.452M. Hence my decision to contact you
so that you and I will go into partnership hence George Sims has no
other relative to claim his left fund in our bank. However,the nature
of your business is completely irrelevant to this transaction as all I
need from you is an assurance that my interest will be fully protected
once this deal is concluded.

All I want you to do is to ACT as the
next of kin of George Sims because you have the same SURNAME with him ,
this fund will be reverted to the government ownnership as abaundoned
treasury if no body applies as his next of kin. Therefore, you as a
foreigner is fully qualified to stand as the next of kin to George Sims
so that the fruits of this old man's labour will not get into the hands
of some corrupt government officials as the expiration period is at

Please note that There is no risk at all, my position as the
Director of Operation guarantees the successful execution of this
transaction. It is expected that upon the receipt of your acceptance,
this transaction will be concluded within 7 Banking days and the money
will be paid into your account for us to share in the ratio of 40% for
you and 60% for me. Please if you are interested kindly reply me with
my alternative email and also you send to me your
private phone, or mobile numbers for easier correspondence.or you can
give me a call on 00229-97-57-16-17

I look forward to hearing from
you soon.

Best Regards.
Mark Sossou"

My short reply:

"Sorry, only use "Sims" as my online name. My REAL name is Throat-Warbler Mangrove, as listed on my birth certificate."
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