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Just got home from being out all day. While out, I filled my gas tank. Geesh! $29.50 to fill my little 4-cylinder Ford Ranger... and that was using the cheapest grade! Applied for work at Blockbuster Video, Taco Bell, Popeyes, Fred's, and Big Lots. Went by Suncoast Video and picked up the fourth (final) season of "Soap", got it dirt cheap. Had a couple of $10 off "Replay certificates", so the season set only cost $10.99 after tax. Went by Wally World to pick up some food stuffs for me and Eastwood, wound up seeing the second season of "The Bob Newhart Show", and placed it in the shopping cart next to the "Fancy Feast". On the trip home, I stopped by the "Spirit" gas station near the house and bought 10 (instead of the usual 5) "PowerBall" quick picks... bought 5 more than usual since the jackpot is up to $340 million. Realized at that point that I haven't eaten ALL DAY, so walked into the Subway next to the gas station, and bought two foot long Italian BLT's, one for now, one for later, since they had them two for $7.99.

Now, going to go eat, watch the rest of what is left of the news, and later start watching "Soap"...

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