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I was just over at "" looking at upcoming DVD releases, and noticed next week, they are putting out a three-disc collectors edition of "The Wizard of Oz". Not going to rant about that, because even though I own the single disc I bought in 1999, I'm going to buy the new release, because of the plethora of bonus features. My rant this morning is going to focus on a single review on Amazon by an uninformed moron named Benjamin Kidman, who wrote:

"AWFUL,,AWFUL EDITION!!!!, October 6, 2005
Reviewer: Benjamin Kidman - See all my reviews
Wizard of Oz
Comes to DVD, as single disk or double disk or 3 disks. None of these versions is WIDSCREEN such as AWFUL!!!
I would understand if this movie were straight to DVD, studios would make it standard screen. But this epic classic movie made a lots money and was in theaters back then now they come out on DVDS this much hard work they did on these version DVD, How come NO WIDESCREEN????? These days people more and more buying widescreen TVS, included me, I have 2 TVS and both widescreen, NOT many studies really make movies in full screen anymore a lots of them even straight to DVDS they in widescreen format!. I always loved this classic movie, now they come up this AWFUL version .For this important matter NOT going to buy any of these version sets. All of them "FULL SCREEN FORMAT".C"

Copied and pasted exactly as it was posted on Amazon. Now, granted, sometimes I don't spell correctly or use proper grammer, especially under "certain conditions", but the fool also neglected to do research before posting his review. "The Wizard of Oz" was NOT filmed in widescreen format, it was filmed "standard" format. If he wants a widescreen version, he must want one with everyones heads and legs chopped off! A very rare, FEW movies up to 1939 were filmed in a widescreen format, one that comes to mind is "The Big Trail" from 1930, filmed in a format called "Grandeur"... saw it a few times on Fox Movie Channel. I guess next he'll be looking for a widescreen version of "Gone With The Wind" (although there was actually a widescreen "version" released to theaters in the early 1960's, which was cropped and reformatted from the original standard version by MGM). Amazon just needs to have an "idiot filter".

Oh well, off to adventure out on the 70mm version of "The Job Trail" for a few hours...

/rant over

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