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Been Quiet Here For Awhile

Haven't been posting much lately, because nothing interesting has been happening. Spent a good part of the weekend and half of yesterday doing a bit of "remodeling" to "Albert's Place", trying (and I emphasize the word "trying") to give the site a slightly less "cluttered" look. Since I know nada about website building, me trying to make a decent looking website is akin to my cat trying to fly the space shuttle. Didn't add any new content (still the same crappy content as before), but changed the layout and menu interface a bit. The old menu interface was getting a might long, so I shortened it some by removing direct links to every page and just putting links to "divisions" of the site, with a seperate menu page for the individual divisions. I was in front of the 'puter so long, it was to the point I could barely focus on the screen. Still some "bugs" I need to work on later, but for the most part, the redesign is complete I think. Viewed it with Opera, Firefox, and Internet Exploder, and it was readable in all three... good enough for me at the moment.

While out today, I stopped by and purchased five more "Powerball Quick Pick" tickets, for the $240,000,000 drawing tomorrow night, although I know I don't stand a snowballs chance in a microwave of winning. I never buy over five, because since the odds are against me anyway, that way I haven't thrown away too much money.

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