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I'm Feeling Ill...AND Pissed!....

I think the movie studios are desperately attempting to rip me off! First, a little over a year ago, I buy "Caddyshack" on DVD from Warner Bros, in full screen and only a bonus trailer...then they go later and release a 20th anniversary edition, with a documentary, deleted scenes, widescreen(the way I prefer it), and trailer. So, as a result, I bought another copy!
Now, Columbia TriStar is doing practically the same thing with another of my favorite movies! I bought "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" on DVD over a year ago, it's mono, widescreen, and the only bonus feature was the theatrical trailer. On October 23, they're coming out with a two disc special edition, with TONS of extra stuff! That means, I'll have to buy that movie again also! The new extra stuff is listed here...

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