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Cats, Cords, and T-Shirts

Went to my moms earlier, she said her phone wasn't working. Discovered the reason was that her cat "Booger" gnawed through the phone cord again. That is at least the 6th time in the 8 years she has had that cat that has happened. This time, I got some of that clear duct tape and taped the wire to the wall. In the nearly two years "Eastwood" has been here, he has never ever messed with any wires. He just has a nasty habit of unrolling the toilet tissue in the bathroom on a nearly daily basis!

While out earlier today, on the way home from the job search, I got behind a guy on a motorcycle on Thomas Road. He was wearing a black t-shirt with white letters on the back that said, "If you can read this, the Hooters girl fell off." I found that immensely hilarious for some reason.

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