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Late Night Job Applications

I just put in an online application with this local company, "Basic, Your Best Buy", for a customer service/sales position. ONLY qualification I might be lacking in is their "35wpm typing", yet I AM a rather fast one-fingered typer after all these self-taught years, not sure how many words per minute that averages out to. I feel I know enough, maybe more than some of the applicants might about electronics, being, when I can afford it, an early adopter (the $599 CD player bought at Sears in 1984 as an example), and I read the new electronic magazines regularly. I listed all that, plus my 7 years of paying close attention to Leo Laporte from back in the mid-1998's (inspiration for buying a computer to begin with) to the present day. Do you think I stand a snowballs chance in a furnace?

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