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Haven't updated lately, but not really much exciting happening to write about. About a week ago, I read in the newspaper that my ex-wife's brother just got a charge of arson on top of all his other charges, and he managed to achieve that charge from inside his jail cell! Seems he was sharing a cell with a couple other people and he apparently didn't care much for one of those people, so he set fire to that inmate's bedding! I tell you the guy is a lunatic!....Just like his sister!
Only other thing, I recently subscribed to "The Carol Burnett Show" from Columbia House Video Library. Really fun watching those shows in their original form again like I used to watch them back in the 1970's on CBS.
And went too heavy on the alcohol again, this time Monday night. Stayed in bed all day Tuesday and went to bed early last night. Recovered just in time to start a new work week!
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