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Mom's A/C, Part Deux

In a follow up to this post, my mom had to call the air conditioning guys back out to her house today. The place was just "barely getting cool", even with the thermostat set to 65F. The new guy that came out discovered the cooling coils inside the house were caked with dirt, thus not letting out any cool air. The first guy that came out the other week didn't even go inside to look at anything. On a good note though, the new guy said he would check with his superiors to see if this call can either be discounted or free.

In other news, went grocery shopping today, was out of a few things, including coffee (had to drink extremely weak coffee this morning). Got to the coffee aisle, saw the price of my favorite brand/variety, and nearly shiat myself... it was $3.86/pound last time I bought it (about two weeks ago), today it had jumped to $4.33/pound!

Washed that sink full of dishes that had been sitting in the kitchen for nearly a week and a half. While in the process, a gnat flew up my nose... ack!

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