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Weird Dream

Had the strangest dream last night. Me and two other people, who I didn't recognize, were competing for the "attention" of Sandra Bullock, by taking her to a restaurant (which apparently had no one to ever come by to clean tables... the napkin holders were smeared with various sauces, and crumbs and empty plates were on most of the tables). Not sure how it turned out, but apparently my subconscious mind has completely forgotten that my conscious mind no longer thinks highly of the woman, since she married that asshat tattooed trucker person...

In other news, I wish whoever owns the old defunct convenience store up the road that has been closed for about 5 years(has been "For Sale" since it closed) would take down that sign with the gas prices from then still on it... it's depressing driving by there every day seeing these prices:

PLUS: .99

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