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Earlier Post Update

I just received a call from the Louisiana Department of Social Services regarding the letter I wrote them concerning the mailing from Nebraska that I referred to in this post from August 7th. Sandra Clark, the case worker, said she contacted "Stephanie", the Nebraska case worker she contacted the last time Nebraska said I was in arrears on support payments, and informed her I was NOT behind, in fact, I'm AHEAD $274. She has faxed my payment history to Nebraska, and has told them to straighten things out up there.

The odd thing, and this has me wondering, is Mrs. Clark said she had gotten a phone call from my ex regarding the support payments about 6 months ago, but the call wasn't from a Nebraska number, it was from a Livingston Parish number, where the ex and her mother used to reside. Mrs. Clark was asking me had the ex moved back to Louisiana, I told her I didn't have a clue. I don't know if the ex was visiting her mother, or if she moved back there. I gave up trying to get info on my son's wherabouts a couple years ago, because every letter I wrote her mom to inquire went unanswered, probably because of that redneck cajun asswipe her mom lives with.

Mrs. Clark was very nice, and apologized for taking so long to get back to me. She said she would have gotten back to me sooner, but she couldn't do much, because their computers got hit with that virus that infected CNN and ABC's websites recently. Geesh... what is it with big companies and state governments that they can't keep viruses out of their systems? I've been "online" since 1999 and have NEVER gotten a computer virus or worm!

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