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They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To...

Last night, the Sony DVD player I bought on October 20, 2003 "bit the dust". I was watching a DVD, and about 10 minutes in, it froze up. I took the disc out, cleaned it, put it back in, nothing...just a still picture. I took another disc and put it in, couldn't even access the menu. Same with yet another disc. So, my assumption was "dead player"... basically same symptoms the first player had when it went out after 3 years. Didn't Sony used to make long lasting products? Or maybe I just "overused" the thing...

Anyway, not wanting to be without a DVD player, I travel over to Wally World to see what they have. Found a nice looking Philips for $57.86 + tax (cheaper than the website price), so decided to get one. After unhooking the Sony, and connecting the Philips, and taking nearly half an hour to accomplish that simple task, I came to the conclusion that one day I really need to get behind that TV and try to "organize" that rats nest maze of cords back there. Would make connecting something new a LOT easier!

Anyway, I'll probably spend the evening "breaking in" the new machine....

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