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Someone Is Trying To Cheat Me Again....

I've had more than my share of people trying to get more than I'm court ordered to pay... it's happening again, I haven't missed a single payment, even though being out of work, yet the state of Nebraska, where the ex-wife supposidly is, sends me this in the mail yesterday....

I will be mailing the below letter to the Louisiana State case worker tomorrow. If Nebraska is behind in payments, it is because Louisiana isn't forwarding the payments, like they are supposed to be doing...

" Enclosed you will find a mailing I received from the state of Nebraska, claiming I am $579.80 BEHIND in child support payments, and risking a garnishment of tax refunds. I am NOT behind in my payments. I have been mailing the full $144/month to the Department of Social Services EVERY month, since becoming unemployed in October of 2003. Also, I have been keeping all of my postal money order receipts as proof. I am not getting any refunds this year anyway, because I have been out of work over a year, but I have not missed any payments, mailing them to the same address in Baton Rouge I have always sent them.
I have gotten letters like this in the past from Nebraska, and after this long of not getting them, I assumed that everything has been straightened out. Apparently not, or the ex-wife is up to some trickery up there again, as she is known to do.
IF it is Louisiana that is telling Nebraska I am behind in payments, someone isn't doing proper records keeping.
I would greatly appreciate it if your office would get this matter straightened out. It gets annoying when I make sure the payments are mailed monthly in a timely matter, then get these mailings from Nebraska treatening me with garnishments for being behind in payments, which I am not. I am under enough stress trying to find a job in this area of the state. Either Louisiana keeps making mistakes, or Nebraska keeps making mistakes, or the ex-wife is trying to do something illegal in Nebraska to collect more money.
Thank you for your time in this matter."
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