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Missed an interview with Lynda Carter (still hot) on ABC's "20/20", because I didn't find out about it until 35 minutes after it happened on "Entertainment Tonight"... getting sick of missing things that I find out about too late, so sent an email to the "general manager" of the station that elects to air "Entertainment Tonight" at 9:30pm central:

"This is in response to KARD's timing in showing "Entertainment Tonight"... I was watching, thought the Lynda Carter story that was due to air on a rival network would have been interesting to view (even though I would have missed Teresa). By the time Entertainment Tonight alerted me a segment on 20/20 was to air, it was over. Any chance of moving "Entertainment Tonight" to a "normal" time for it, like, say 6:30pm? If not, why carry the show? Everything is over by the time it airs on Fox-14. Not to sound harsh, but by airing it "after the fact", you must be getting a "discount" on the syndication price."

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