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"I just saved $12 a month on my DSL by calling BellSouth..."

Reading the BellSouth newsgroup earlier today, someone posted that BellSouth lowered the prices on their internet plans, BUT the only way one would get their current price lowered would be to call them and request the new rate. So, I call BellSouth, after confirming what the newsgroup was saying by the address in the link above, and requested the lower rate. Sure enough, they lowered my price to the new rate. On my current bill, it is still the old $54.95/month price, but next month should be the new $42.95/month price, with no change in service.

EDIT: Just received a confirmation email for the new lower price.

  • What the HOT??

    It's nearly October. Shouldn't it be cooling off some by now?? Still having to "dress lightly" around the house...

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    Is it any wonder I'm "lightly dressed" today?

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    Egad! Look at the high for this coming Saturday!

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