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Question of the Day...

Does anyone think I'll be "alienating" many visitors to my website if I change the navigation menu to a "Flash-based" one instead of the current one? It's just that, currently, the menu is longer than some of the content on the pages, because of having to list so many pages. A "collapsible" menu doesn't take up NEAR the space. If I change the menus though throughout the site, I found out I'll have to rebuild the site from scratch, because adding the code for the Flash based menu in Yahoo Sitebuilder screws up the entire layout of the page (knows very little about web design... stretching himself currently). I used a copy of "Dreamweaver" to rebuild my home page with the new menu design, and on my end, it seems to function in Opera, Firefox, and Exploder, as long as "Flash" is installed, if not, nothing will appear. Haven't done any more pages as of yet. Thinking if I do redo the entire site with Flash navigation, I may put a "Next Page" link at the bottom of each page, in case someone doesn't have Flash installed.

Having said all that, now I'll say this...

UPDATE: Screw it... it was beyond my knowledge... the site is staying "as is"....

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