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The local CBS affiliate, KNOE-TV 8 ( ) recently lost one of the main reasons I watched their morning show, GeGe Roulaine. I found her email address, so I asked her why she left KNOE, this is what she said:


Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear that KNOE lost another viewer. I do owe the station a lot. I now have name and
face recognition that will help me get through some doors...but it is up to me once I walk through them.

I am a single mom with three children...and to be honest...I received one raise in six I decided that my paychecks needed to be in my control. I come out ahead in the future when you do a comparison. Again....I am thankful for my
opportunities with KNOE and I will not forget that.

I am now selling real estate with Judy Moore and Company...and I am the new Director of Communications for the Lee Fletcher for 5th Congressional District Campaign. It will be a lot of work...but I'm up for the challenge.

Again, thanks for taking the time to write.


I was pissed once I heard she only got one raise in 6 years, considering the money KNOE is taking in, the owner, James A. Noe, Jr. also owns a few radio stations, and another TV station, WNOE-TV in New a result, I JUST sent an email to KNOE-TV with my disatisfaction...

GeGe Roulaine says she didn't get a raise in 6 years, yet she seemed to be one of the most popular personalities at the station. How cheap exactly IS James A.Noe,Jr.? I already know his budget doesn't equal the competitive station in the area, I can tell by the look, yet there seems to be twice as many commercials, which should mean twice as much revenue. I used to watch the morning show, but since GeGe left, and she told me the reason via email, I started watching the competition, where I now get ALL my local news as a result. Only thing I watch on KNOE now is David Letterman, and if he were still on NBC, I would never watch the station. Tell James A.Noe,Jr. to quit pocketing so much ad revenue and pay his people better!
Albert Sims
West Monroe,Louisiana

I really liked her at the station, thought it was stupid he didn't give her a raise in 6 years!

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