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I Have A Confession....

Yes, I have gotten "laid" once...or twice, depending on how you determine it, since the divorce in 1996... in late 1997, months after the divorce was finalized, my first girlfriend (from the days of elementary school) showed up at my door, we hadn't talked since before her marriage in the late 1980's. I had already gone to sleep for the evening. We talked awhile, then she slapped a wet kiss on me, right before she planned on leaving, which resulted in some noticable "happiness" under the bath robe I wore when I answered the door.
I told her I'd have to "take care of that" after she left. She led me to my bedroom, then one thing lead to another....
Four evenings later, she showed up again, that time wanting me to follow her in the car I had at the time to her place, she wanted to show me her "prize goats"... like a fool, I followed her. Sure enough, she raised goats. But I had to work early the next morning, and planned on leaving, but she "talked me out of it"... and we did at her place what we had done four evenings earlier at my place, on the floor of her living room.
Took a chance that last time, she said her husband was away at a hunting camp. Never heard from her again.

Moral: Would I do it again if she showed up again here at this moment: Yes
If she invited me to her place today: No
If I were in a relationship and she showed up: No

We never got further than kissing when we were dating in the early years. I'm a bit strange... sure SHE was married at the time, and I took it when offered, but if I were still married, or dating, I wouldn't have taken it. Double standard I guess... but hey....

Scan of the 1982 "Rebelaire" Yearbook picture, the most recent I have....

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