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Just returned from the vet. It isn't looking good. First thing they noticed, after taking a blood sample, that it didn't quit bleeding, so he has a problem with his blood not clotting. His red blood cells are weak, and the vet said that could be a sign something may be wrong with the liver. He doesn't have either feline lukemia or feline HIV, he tested negative for those. The vet gave him like three diferent shots, one, a big dose of vitamin K, to help boost the liver, and one to boost the red blood cell count. And 3 big syringes of fluids, one right after the other, behind the nape of his neck. One shot was supposed to build his appetite. He is a bit anemic, and dehydrated. The vet found nothing diseased in the stool sample or the urine sample. He said the kidneys seem to be functioning well. I have vitamin K fluid I have to give Rambo twice a day by mouth with a dropper. The vet is running more extensive tests on the blood sample, and if he finds something urgent, he is supposed to call and let me know. Otherwise, I need to call him in the morning. He will need another vitamin K shot on Wednesday.
I could tell those big fluid syringes were uncomfortable for him, I started feeling his pain myself. Hate to see him having to go through all this. It's putting an even bigger dent in my money situation, today, I was out $138. If he just gets some better, it will be worth it though. Overall, though, the vet says it may not look good in the long term, because of the liver, which he said he could barely feel. Rambo is currently resting in the hallway...

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