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The subscription to my Norton AntiVirus was set to expire in 16 days, and because I feel Norton has been becoming "bloatware" lately, I decided to not renew, and switch to a different program. This morning I bought a copy of eTrust EZ Antivirus at "Wally-World" for $19.77. I think I know why they had it so cheap, it was version 6.2, even though the box had 2005 on the outside, and the latest version is No problem though, being they let you upgrade to newer versions for free during the one year subscription for virus definitions that comes with the program. So, I've uninstalled Norton, installed eTrust EZ Antivirus, went to the website and registered it, downloaded the upgrade, installed it, and then downloaded the latest definitions, so now I'm all set!

Oh, by the way... Have you ever noticed that you never seem to get laid on Memorial Day weekend?

  • More Random Facts About Me

    Two things I haven't done in over 20 years... 1. Went to a movie theater. 2. Had sex.

  • Even More Random Facts

    I never get on boats, since I never learned to swim. I never get on planes, since I never learned to fly.

  • Random Fact

    I've NEVER liked going to bars, nightclubs, or parties. Not real keen on "eating out" either. Think it's an aversion to crowds.

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