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All those "Apple" people on are always bragging about security on their systems... but this just came in my US-CERT subscription alerts...

Cyber Security Alert SA05-136A

Apple Mac OS X is affected by multiple vulnerabilities

Original release date: May 16, 2005
Last revised: --
Source: US-CERT

Systems Affected

Mac OS X version 10.3.9 (Panther) and Mac OS X Server version 10.3.9


Apple has released Security Update 2005-005 to correct several
vulnerabilites affecting Mac OS X. These vulnerabilites have a wide
range of impacts, the most severe of which could allow an attacker
to gain access to your system.


Install an Update

Install the update located at Apple Security Update 2005-005:


The Mac OS X version 10.3.9 system has multiple vulnerabilites that
could allow an attacker to run malicious programs on your computer.
Installing the update from Apple will correct these vulnerabilites.

For more technical information, see US-CERT Technical Alert


* Apple Security Update 2005-005 -

* US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA05-136 -


Author: Amanda Parente. Feedback can be directed to US-CERT.

Copyright 2005 Carnegie Mellon University.

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