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Music Is Hazardous To Your Eyes!

Just spent almost six hours straight in front of the computer, transferring four vinyl LPs to compact discs, putting two albums on each CD. Lots of eye strain having to constantly look at the screen to keep the audio levels in check, cleaning up the sound, dividing into tracks, etc. Trying to eventually get all the old albums I never re-purchased on CD, or have never been issued on CD, to the digital format.
Concentrated on four obscure "Rhino Record" label albums today, with unusual songs by various artists, "The Worlds Worst Records"(Volumes 1 and 2), "Circus Royale", and "Greatest Flops". After playing them on the stereo, I think I might have slightly "overcleaned" the audio, they are a little flat and bassy, but not bad enough to warrent redoing them, since I managed to clean up the majority of background noise.

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