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Day In Review 5-5-05

Got up this morning, threw the bed linens in the washer. Then went out and applied for jobs at Sears, Raising Cane's, and Johnny's Pizza. Then stopped by to fill up my gas tank (Gas prices-Egad!). Ran by Wally World to buy a garden sprayer to mix up the concentrated grass/weed killer I bought to spray around the house, moms trailer, and the cooling units (thought there was a sprayer in one of the sheds, but looked yesterday, couldn't find it). Stopped by Wendy's for a spicy chicken sandwich and a chicken BLT salad. Came home, sat the salad in the fridge, the sandwich in the microwave for later, and then tossed the bed linens in the dryer. After that, assembled the new sprayer, mixed the 2½ ounces of grass/weed killer with one gallon water. Pumped up the sprayer, did all the spraying I needed to do, washed out the sprayer and hung it up in the utility room (so I'd know exactly where it is when I need it). By that time, the bed linens were dry. Removed them, put them back on the bed, "fighting" with Eastwood the whole time, because he leaps up there before I'm finished. Took a shower, and now going to check some online forums I usually read, then maybe I'll eat my chicken sandwich and watch some television.

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