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Local TV Station Report

It took a Ouachita Parish Jury four minutes to find a Monroe man guilty of attempted second degree murder.

46-year-old Tommy Davis has been convicted for trying to kill his girlfriend, Victoria Moore. Police say Moore was stabbed multiple times and found her in a bedroom, holding her chest. Witnesses said Davis was dragging Moore around while stabbing her. Police said there was a large amount of blood in the hallway, leading up to the bedroom. The District Attorney's office says Davis was upset that Moore had broken up with him. When Davis began attacking Moore, she was holding their 6 month old baby.

Another Story, Newspaper:

An assistant district attorney said today that Monroe resident Tommy Davis was a domestic abuser that meant to kill his young girlfriend when he stabbed her multiple times on April 28, 2004.

Davis, 43, is on trial on an attempted second-degree murder charge. If convicted, he could be sentenced up to 50 years at hard labor.

He is accused of stabbing Victoria Moore, 20, seven to eight times during an altercation at her grandmother’s house, 2114 Gordon Ave., Monroe. Davis is the father of Moore’s baby girl.

Assistant District Attorney Stephen Sylvester gave an opening statement this morning, but defense attorney Jay Nolen opted to present his until later in the trial.

Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Benjamin Jones is presiding.
The prosecution completed its case this morning and the defense will present its case beginning at 1:30 p.m.

From what I heard at the trial, some "facts" above are misleading (see previous post)...

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