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Dingbats On Parade...

Just returned from Suncoast to pick these up...

...and a blonde girl about 25 or so, turned to me with a "C.S.I" DVD set saying, "You know, Wal-Mart has these for $78, they are $99 here."
For some reason, I stood there and explained why there was such a price difference. Wal-Mart and other discounters sell their DVDs and CDs "below cost" to attract people into the store to buy other things that they will make a profit on. Suncoast, being strictly a video retailer, has to charge "list price" for what they sell in order to make a profit, being as videos are all they sell.
Anyway, she put the set back on the shelf and said she was going back to Wal-Mart... she had just checked Suncoast to see if they had it cheaper. Like a video retailer would ever be cheaper than a discount store! Geesh! "Blonde Logic" at work I guess.

Once again, I'll be away from the computer this evening, watching my newest two sets of "Red Dwarf".

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