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Well, after todays computer problems, which I think might be slightly severe, my mom has decided to cancel her internet access and give up on the computer. I fooled around with it for a few hours, even ran the "system restore" disc, but the ol' computer would still only boot into safe mode, even after hitting F8 and selecting "Normal" for the type of start up. I'm guessing it might be a problem with the hard drive, being it has become noisier the last few months, and taking nearly 10 minutes to boot. She told me she doesn't really care much about having a computer anyway, the only times she used it was a couple times a week, and then only to check email. She decided she'd rather just save the $20.95/month she's been paying for internet service and do without.
Tomorrow, I'll go over to her house and bring the computer equipment here. I may hook the 17" monitor to my computer, and store up this 15" in the closet as a spare if needed, and hook her optical mouse to this computer also. As for the CPU, which I originally used from 1999-2003, before buying this newer model, I may dig around in it and see if anything can be done with it, being it is almost 6½ years old, I don't think I could cause any more "harm" to it. Wouldn't be worth buying a new hard drive, the thing is so old and antiquated, as soon as one would be installed, something else would probably konk out.

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