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Where The Pets Go, Where The Moms Go, Where I No Longer Go...

Just returned home from applying for a job at "Petco"... since Wally World has apparently given me the shaft. I emailed Wally World headquarters last week and inquired as to why the local store was giving me the "run around", but have yet to hear back from them. In the meantime, they are on my "boycott" list... alongside any gas station run by Moore Oil.
Yesterday, I applied online via the Louisiana Job Service site for an opening at the post office for a rural carrier associate. My mom was off today from her job there, her regular day off, but will have to take tomorrow off also. She took her car in this morning, it was leaking break fluid. She told me the name of the part they are having to order, but I've forgotten the name already. She uses her car on her mail route. Since she has a certain amount of "leave" days allotted, she will still get paid for tomorrow however. Also, she won't have to pay for her car repair, the Impala she bought in 2003 is still under warrenty.

Now, I'm going to go eat what I bought from Taco Bell, and watch newly aquired Benny Hill DVDs.

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